The team

You cannot do a project like this without the support and enthusiasm of others. I hesitate to mention individuals here, but need to introduce them, as they have and will contribute quite a bit to the project.

Heinrich Berg, long time academic glider pilot from Germany, was here in the Philippines and triggered my confidence to start the project. Unfortunately, he had to leave the Philippines earlier than planned.

Heinz Michael Zwilling and Ralf Wiesbrock , the heroes of packing the gliders into the container. In 2015 both friends sold to me the ASW-19b, which is now a very important addition to our small fleet of gliders.

Jonathan Tayamora built the winch. No doubt he was the most impressive and exciting engineer that I ever met in this country. Jonathan passed away April 2021. We will keep him in good remembrance.

Walter Narath, German pilot from the Alpine Flying School in Unterwoessen, hang glider pilot, adventurer, - just a perfect man with great experience to help me to get the project on track. Walter spent half of the year in Germany and the other half in the Philippines. Unfortunately Walter passed away in November 2016.

Eric Monnier, French glider pilot and instructor. Eric is now working as a liaison officer for French ATR turboprops that have been sold to the regional Cebu Pacific Airways. A man with great glider experience. Jonathan passed away April 2021. We will keep him in good remembrance.