The import

My friend Stephan Kluencker in Germany, long time glider instructor, was so nice to inspect the planes in the Netherlands. After he gave me such a positive feedback about the planes, I got very excited and bought them right away. Stefan towed the K7 and the president of the Dutch club towed the Ka-8 to my German hometown Hamm.

In February 2008 the gliders arrived in Manila. The International Hot Air Balloon Festival was on and I managed to display at least the Ka-8. Nobody knows anything about gliders in this country. We really start from zero. I stored the gliders in the hangar of the Angeles City Flying Club, the home of my Fascination and center of leisure aviation here in the Philippines. Since February 2009 all the planes used to be stationed in Nampicuan. From 2019 onwards we are located to Tuy in Batangas province.