The background

Welcome to our web site My name is Rolf Dunder. I am a German glider pilot. Did my first solo in an Ask-13 in 1979 in my hometown Hamm. Since then, the gliding bug never left me… Most of my teenager time I 'd rather spent on the airfield flying than dating girls. In 1988, when I was 22 years old, I got the flight instructor license. Made a license for powered gliders.  In 2000 I moved to Hong Kong. No gliders there, so I started paragliding. Hong Kong is a great place for it and the Hong Kong Paragliding Association is a group of great enthusiasts. From 2001 onwards I had to go to the Philippines regularly. No gliders there. So I took up ultralight flying. In 2004 I moved to Manila and purchased a WD-4 Fascination from a German friend in Australia. I enjoy flying in the Philippines ever since. Also made my Filipino Private Pilot License for Cessnas. But I missed gliders!  In October 2007 I saw an offer of an old K7 and an old Ka-8, sold by a Dutch glider club. I had to bring those planes here to the Philippines. This website tells the story.