the airfield

We are in the process to relocate our flying activities from Nampicuan (Nueva Ecija) to Tuy (Batangas).

After ten years flying in Nampicuan, the owners of the property decided to use the lot for other purposes than leisure aviation. So we had to find another home for the gliders.

Fortunately, the Philippines has a lot of passionate pilots. The small private airstrip in Tuy in Batangas province is now the new home of Philippine gliding activities.

Tuy is a small village between Lake Taal with its vulcano and the beach resort town of Nasugbu.

The runway (14.00’52”N 120.44’05”E) is 700 m long, 06/24, grass with an inclination of about 4 degrees to the east. It has a hangar, which one half is leased for the winch and the gliders.

We did already various winch launches with the K-7 and SF-34 as well as some aerotows behind a Socata. It’s a great beautiful landscape and you can see the coastlines about 10km to the east and south of the airstrip. You have the little hill of Mt Batulao (693m) about 7 km to the east. If you climb to 700 m ASL, you can already see the vulcano of Lake Taal.

We already encountered beautiful days with about 1200 – 1400 m cloud base and average climb rates of 2-3 m/s. Lots of things still to explore.