The gliders

I bought a 1960 built Ka-7 and a 1973 built Ka-8 from the glider club in Volkel, Netherlands. The Ka-7 and Ka-8 used to be the backbone of a lot of flying clubs in Europe. There is hardly any gliderpilot in Western Europe who has not flown a Ka-8!
Both planes are in perfect condition. The friends from the Netherlands know how to maintain their aircraft. When I opened the container here in Manila, I noticed immediately that these glider friends love their planes.
At normal weather conditions we achieve release altitudes of 300m with the Ka-8 and 220m with the Ka-7. The first flights took place in December 13, 2009.

You can see the videos:

my youTube01
my youTube02

In 2015 I  bought an ASW-19b from friends of my home club. The plane is now repainted and will be the  high performance glider of the Philippines. In 2019 we added the SF-34, a very nice high performance two-seater full fibre glass glider.

We have demonstrated thermal flights and simple aerobatics at the annual International Hot Air Balloon Fiestas in Clark since 2010. This was the first time that a greater audience witnessed glider flights in this country.